Entry: The Itinerary Friday, April 15, 2005

11/8   Leave Frankfurt, GERMANY - Japan Airlines Business Class

12/8   Arrival in Tokyo, JAPAN
         Keio Plaza Intercontinental Hotel
16/8   Tokyo-Hakone
         Relais & ChÔteau Ryokan Gora Kadan de Luxe (*)
17/8   Hakone-Kyoto
         New Miyako Hotel
20/8   Kyoto-Hiroshima
         Granvia Hotel
21/8   Hiroshima-Okayama
         Minshuku (*)
22/8   Okayama-Naoshima
         Benesse House (*)
24/8   Naoshima-Kobe
         Green Hill Hotel & 6km Water Slide (see below)
26/8   Kobe-Toyko
         Grand Palace Hotel

Although some of these can get
very full ...

28/8   Tokyo-Manila-Davao, PHILIPPINES
         BarcÚlo Pearl Farm Island Resort (*)
1/9      Davao-Manila
         Mandarin Oriental Hotel

2/9      Manila-Peking, CHINA
         Red Capital Club & Residence (*) - Chairman Mao's Suite & East Concubine Suite

6/9   Peking-Frankfurt, GERMANY

(*) see below under "Great Hotels Asia" and


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